A New Career?

I’ve wanted to write a book (or books) for many years. In this I’m sure many of you have had, probably still have, the same ambition. Finally I’d had enough of procrastinating, time to actually get on with it.

I found a great article from Joseph Finder here, he wasn’t the first but it certainly helped. Sometimes we all need a good kick to get us going I suppose.

The problem with writing turns out not to be the actual writing itself, rather the willingness to risk appearing stupid. Sounds simple doesn’t it? It isn’t, writing is such a personal thing, and sharing it is just so difficult. You start to ask yourself things like; “What if people call me dumb, stupid or naïve?” Who cares?

I started with just a few ideas, scribbles really, threw them around in my mind a bit and decided on one story line that I felt the most enthusiastic about. Several weeks and months of frantic scribbling and/or daydreaming followed. Not every day mind you, every two or three weeks I’d have a ‘session’.

Finally I was ready to begin, I had an old copy of Scrivener so I started it up and followed the tutorial. Next, all my scribblings and notes were entered into the program. That was the hard part believe it or not. Once I’d started I just wanted to keep going, several late nights followed before I managed to calm down and pace myself.

This was around 6 or 7 weeks ago, I suppose I’m averaging about 500 words a day overall but I don’t write every day. I had already written 20 thousand words when I realised that, although I knew the background, anybody else reading it would struggle. Thus the prologue, or preface, was born. I’m still working on it but I’ll post it here, in the new category ‘Writings’, as soon as it’s done. Comments and feedback are more than welcome