Behavioural Realities

Social Apathy.

Now I’m not one to moan about the injustices of life, I’ll just get on with it and I’ll figure it out in the end. Lately though, I’ve become quite a bit more proactive. Why only now? Well, it takes time to mature and reach the right time in ones life for everything to come together. It is time for a change. I suppose that this article is also intended to cover an aspect of leadership. Not in terms of…

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The moving target.

What makes a good manager? Are they the ones who consistently meet their targets? Well, for that matter a bad manager can also reach his or her targets consistently, but does that make them good then? A good manager is much harder to define than simply by using the stats, in other words the numbers don’t always count for everything. In fact there are so many variables that are involved in the making of a good manager that, perhaps, we…

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