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Who am I?

So, who am I? What is my background? For the purposes of these papers, it’s probably not really relevant.

I have been around, suffered along with many of you the consequences of bad management and ignorance. But I’ve also benefitted working in an environment where moral and social responsibilities are taken seriously. So, I’ve seen both sides of the coin.

My professional background is quite varied. I was an Engineering Technician in the military for while, software developer off and on over the years and for a great part I have been working within the Petro-chemical industry. Latterly, I’ve been concentrating on software development, ¬†project management and project leadership.

The need for proper coaching of management, leadership and organisational skills has always been a prime importance in every industry. However, we need to go further than simply teaching managers how to lead better. We need to understand the mentality of every person in the work environment, what motivates them and how they can become demotivated. This is something I believe so strongly in that I have decided to do something about it and start this series of articles. Of course, the articles will only show my opinion about a particular subject and comment are always welcome.